Monday, 25 June 2012

Woolfest 2012

Well! What a weekend to hold this year's Woolfest! It was the wettest and windiest couple of days we've had in ages, causing all sorts of mayhem, closing railway routes, turning car parks into quagmires, and raising the spectre of the dreadful floods a few years back. Days for staying at home in the warm and dry!  

So many events were cancelled, but Woolfest did go on. As always, a great variety of wool and textile crafts on show, spinning, weaving, dyeing, knitting, felting, something for everyone, I think.

All kinds of organisations........... 

......of colours.............

.........of crafts.........

........of real-life cuties.......

.......and the quirky 'flock' project.............

......hundreds of pompom sheep ............

......made from wool and card........ groups and schools and clubs, to celebrate and promote British wool.

I invested in scrumptious felt and buttons and lovely threads, as always, and had a great day. (Two days, actually, because I can never resist going back on the Saturday!)

Thursday, 14 June 2012

St Bees Priory Embroidery

Just a few more pictures of the work of the Embroidery group at the Priory Church in St Bees. The new embroidery was shown as  part of the Flower and Art festival held in the Priory to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

New cushions, dedicated for the  Jubilee, for a bench in the church.....

Detail of the embroidery.......

Three years' work............

Background to the work of the group..........

Sampling colours and stitches.... an insight into the work that goes on even before stitching starts!

Working on the detail of the Superfrontal dedicated last year.

Click on the pictures to see in more detail.

 These are the most recent pieces of embroidery that have been made by the embroidery group over more than ten years. I only joined this group about four years ago, and am always in awe of the talents of the lady who does the designing, and the preparation for us mere stitchers , puts right our mistakes, and finishes the projects so beautifully!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee in St Bees

Before the Jubilee celebrations fade into memory, I thought I'd post some images from the Jubilee flower festival and exhibition at The Priory Church of St Mary and St Bega, in St Bees, Cumbria. I've posted pictures before of work there, made by the Priory Embroidery Group.

There were displays from many organisations connected with the church and the village and lovely flower arrangements; I'm just posting the 'stitchy bits'.

First, the display by the St Bees Craft Circle, an informal group who meet in the village to share ideas and skills, and enjoy each others' company.

An assortment of projects 

Cutwork pincushions

Anything but subtle, but, then it was the Jubilee!

The star of our show........ Leonie's knitted Queen, accompanied by her patriotic red, white and blue dogs!

Pictures of work done by the Embroidery group deserve a post of their own! They will get one, next time.

And soon, I hope to be posting pictures of work by Keswick EG members, who, as I speak, are busy getting work ready for our exhibition in July. (You are, aren't you?)