Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More from 'Fashion Embroidery and Stitch '12'........

I must be one of very few people who didn't watch 'Downton Abbey', but the collection of costumes at The Fashion Embroidery and Stitch show was very impressive............lovely hats!

and , for those of us who have recent experience of making postcards, what about this collection made by West Country  Embroiderers?
(click to see them better, close-up)

I loved this one!!!!!

Mabon Arts, featured in 'Stitch magazine recently..........positively encouraging photographs of exciting embroidery, inspired by tribal textiles.....

Entries in the'Glimpses of Blighty' competition...


                                                                 (The lopsided look is the fault of the photographer, not the artist!)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Fashion Embroidery and Stitch 2012

It's that time of year again, and I spent two days at the NEC this week, trying to get round all the exhibitions and stalls. I think I saw most of what I wanted to , but it is so big that when I look at other peoples' blogs, there'll  surely be some things I missed. I have a new camera; I practised with it before I went, so, lots of photos, hopefully, to be posted over the next few days.

This year, I was fascinated by the Lace displays...........................

                                     ...and loved the 'Night at the Opera' creations.........

              To see the pictures in more detail. click on them individually. More, later..................

Sunday, 18 March 2012

March Meeting and Newsletter

We held our  March meeting in Threlkeld Village Hall, because we planned to experiment with dyes, and paints, and felt very worried about the potential for messy accidents at the Friends meeting House! Also, it offered us space to spread out. Which we did..............

The idea was that we would bring the paints and dyes that we had at home, often bought in an excess of zeal at shows, and then put away. Members could try out techniques and materials we might not have seen or used. Several of the group had not been able to be at the meeting when Jackie Cardy showed us teabag dyeing, so this was an opportunity to use up the dyes and papers she left with us that day. Great fun was had, making up lovely, individual papers.

Transfer paints and crayons were successful, too, and there was time for members to recall what they'd done in other workshops, and try variations of what they knew.

Lots of interesting fabrics/papers were taken home at the end of the day.........what will they be used for? watch this space!  

No pictures; my camera is not working. Someone did take photos, which I'll post as and when I get them.

Also, Zena's Newsletter...............................

Keg Newsletter

 March 2012

Next meeting will be Vivienne Brown’s talk and mini workshop “Let’s Get Knotting” on Thursday 19th April.
Requirements are: Tatting Shuttle (Pat is getting some shuttles), cotton perle thread, scissors, needles, strong thread, beads, feathers or other frippery.
Bring something to do in the morning and lunch or buy some at Booths.
Committee members there will be a committee meeting at some point on 19th April

On May 3rd we will be going on our outing to Dumfries to see the Textile Exhibition.
There will be a list circulating on 19th April for this.

May 17th ‘s meeting will be do your own work or make cards for our exhibition on 6th July at the Moot Hall in Keswick.

June 21st will be a Make a box workshop with Lesley Rutherford.

And lastly, do you have any ideas for next year’s programme 2012/13?

Any queries Zena Smedley 016973 71023