Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch 2011

It hardly seems possible that this show has come round again, but on Thursday I set off at 6.30am bound for the NEC , planning to spend  two whole days  being inspired. It lived up to expectations, and I have included some images from the visit.

Mermaid in her watery grotto.

These  pictures show bits of the 'Above and below the Waves' life-size project created to raise money for the RNLI, and part of the Sewing for Pleasure section of the show. Everything is knitted, apparently by over one thousand knitters. The detail is amazing!

An old sea-dog with knitted lobster!

The cliffs, complete with lighthouse and seagulls!

A day on the beach

Next, images of the costumes made by two French artists. Very theatrical, and beautifully-made, they are the work of Ollivier henry and Jean-Noel Lavesvre. Photographs can't do them justice; they were truly incredible.

No wonder they needed help to dress!

Unbelievably beautiful detail!

My favourite.......very very pretty!

Gorgeous Goldwork!

I also loved the exhibition celebrating Jan Messent's work, 'Recreating Celtic, Viking and Anglo-Saxon Artifacts. The original pieces that were shown in her recent book were on display, and fascinating to see close up. I was lucky enough to meet Jan as she passed through.

Lots of textile groups have displays of work here; I was directed to the 'Through the Wardrobe' exhibit, based on the theme of Narnia, by Fulcrum.  It was a collection of evocative hangings based on snow, and very effective.

I really enjoyed talking to textile artists from groups all over the country and fitted in one workshop, Lynda Monks' class. We made a lovely folded pocket book, from spunbond, using foils to decorate, and soldering iron to finish the pages and cover. Examples of these books I saw beforehand looked so exotic, and difficult, but we all managed to produce an equally attractive version in the hour we had for the class, and I will photograph mine at some time in the future.

If anyone else from Keswick Embroiderers got to the show this year, I'd like to post their pictures and impressions, too.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

March Meeting, and Squares

We met today for the second of our sessions working on the 'Mystery stitch'.  We spent the time investigating the possibilities of the stitch we 'chose' last time, and looking at the effects of changing the size, direction, and the thickness of thread.

We were  surprised by the arrival of a visitor, and even more surprised when she turned out to be Jackie Cardy, who is due to join us for our April meeting. She was in Keswick with her husband,  realised it was our meeting day, and popped in to say 'hello'!  Now we can put a face to the name on the Dog Daisy Chains blog, and we look forward to seeing her next month.

More of the squares for the Meeting House are now complete. They all look very different, as members have used their own choice of techniques to interpret the brief. Here  are some.........................

We ( or at least, I ) don't know exactly how they're going to be displayed, so it will be interesting to see the final result.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Embroidery in St Bees Church

This is the new superfrontal recently dedicated in St Bees Priory Church. 
Several members of the church's embroidery group worked on the large and heavy frontal, but the beautiful and skilful embroidery on the superfrontal itself is the brainchild of just two of them, and the work, mostly, of one.  (Not me!). The Priory has other pieces of embroidery to look at if you are in the area, the Millenium wallhanging, and lots of seat cushions, etc, mainly in the sanctuary and the Lady Chapel. It's also an interesting church to visit for its history, and for two pieces of modern sculpture made specially for the church.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

More Squares

Here are some more of the squares for the Friends Meeting house in Keswick;

Red, as you can see!