Sunday, 22 February 2015

Marilyn's Mystery

Marilyn's Mystery
The mystery was solved at our February meeting, when Marilyn revealed the subject of her workshop. We were to make a small book, by weaving a variety of threads and fabrics into a canvas background, which she had coloured for us.

These were two of the examples Marilyn had brought to show us, and we set to work.
We had all brought different threads and fabrics, including raffia, ribbons, string and sari silk, and Marilyn had plentiful extra 'bits'.


Once the canvas had been covered, out came the sewing machines!

We were shown how to machine over the (quite bulky) woven mat, and to finish the edges , before cutting the piece to size.
The book pages that had been prepared for us were ready to be inserted..............
At this point, I had to leave, so did not get the chance to photograph finished work. I'm sure most people went home with a completed book. Pictures when I get them!
This was a satisfying and fun workshop, thanks to Marilyn's hard work preparing everything we needed, and clear instructions.
Next, Janet's knitted Teddy, who made her debut at the February informal.