Saturday, 27 August 2011

More Festival of Quilts

I must have walked miles at the FOQ recently, and looked at hundreds of quilts.Yet, when I read blogs written by others who were there, I see things I never glimpsed, or I can't remember. It just shows how big the whole show was. Here are just a few more of the things I photographed, and then I'm going to look forward to posting news and pictures of our workshops and meetings at The Friends'Meeting House in Keswick. Starting in September, with the AGM.

This was the winner of the Quilters'Guild Challenge, and was by Alison Bramley

I posted details of this before, but not the whole thing. The texture of the machine quilting really caught my eye.

Another of the garments from the Fashion show.

This was a variation on a traditional theme..... machine stitch patterns in the style of Victorian samplers

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Festival of Quilts 2011

I have just had two wonderful days at the Festival of Quilts.Well worth the long trek, and the feeling of complete exhaustion from trying to get round everything, and take it all in. Nearly 1200 exhibits. I'm sure there are things I missed. What inspirational work!  From exquisite work using traditional skills, through fabulous and amazing art quilts, to group projects, contemporary quilts which explore new boundaries, work by children and young people. Some with a message, others just invoking the joy of working in fabric and thread. Magic.

Here are some photographs...... firstly some I was interested in because of their local (Cumbria) connections.

 Autumn Fairy      Rosalind Pollock , Cockermouth    (Look at her blog, Down by the River)

Passion(flowers) for Patchwork       Gill Reid   Workington

The Fun of the Fair        Eve Westwood, of Cockermouth won first prize in the Young Quilter/Young Embroiderer 9-11 years for this........ well done!

Now, some of the other quilts that made an impression on me.... Not all expertly photographed, and not always the winners. 

Tiny hexagons and applique flowers

Click on the two above, to see the detailed stitching better.

Thursday Evening was the fashion show, which was great fun, and designers competed for the audience's vote for their patchwork and quilted creations. they were superb, witty, clever. The photos of them, static, the next day, don't have quite the same power, but they still look impressive.

And some 'quilt creations'  ......

Sweet undoing    Greta Fitchett

There are lots more, which I will post another time. Last for now, though, the 'Bell Quilt', a group project to commemorate the victims of the earthquake in New Zealand, symbolised by the bells of Christchurch Cathedral. Pippa Moss, of Welsh Quilts, designed this quilt  and put it together with the contributions of readers of her blog. One of the blocks is mine!

A wonderful show. 

Saturday, 6 August 2011

'In the Garden' Exhibition in Kendal..

Marilyn went to the 'In the Garden' Exhibition in Kendal...........

IFA Felting Exhibition at Signature Gallery - Kendal – August.

This small gallery is getting a reputation for its Textile Exhibitions. These are usually displayed in the upstairs gallery and those of you that are interested in felt are in for a treat if you visit this month.  Region 10 of The International Felt makers Association have their Exhibition ‘A Walk in the Garden’ on at the moment, which shows the versatility of felt. The items on display range from fine silky scarves through to thick hardwearing rugs with lots more items in between.  Waistcoats, hats, scarves and the most exquisite jacket, clocks, flowers, pictures and vessels are just a few of the items showing a variety of felting techniques. You will be amazed at the variety of work on display. One of my favourites was the reversible circular rug based on a Peacock feather. I came away inspired.

The Gallery is on the opposite side of the road to the Abbots Hall Car Park. Best approached from the South of Kendal.

Abbots Hall Art Gallery and Museum of Lakeland life and also the Kendal Museum are all worth a visit if you want to make a day of it, not to mention shopping!
Can recommend the Abbots Hall Cafe.