Monday, 30 July 2012

North-WestSummer School 2012

Pat and Marilyn went to Summer School............................................

                                         Regional Summer School  2012

With a bit of a hiccup at the start from me, which meant we couldn’t share a lift, Marilyn Hughes and I both made it to Alston Hall on the Friday evening for our first meal, and we then went  quickly into the classroom for a demo and talk from Sheila Smith – Author and Expert Felter.   The plan was to make beautiful textured felted pieces, with stitching.  

On Saturday morning, after a good night’s sleep (probably due to a visit to the bar at 10pm on Friday night when the class finished!) and an excellent breakfast, we set forth on our creamy-coloured piece, using silk tops, threads, waste, cocoons, hemp, linen etc and a white merino backing, lightly felted.  We hung our masterpieces on a string washing line outside the classroom, in the sun (!), and from then on our colleagues in the other tutor groups could view the work as they went by.   Stitching was added once dry, and then another lot of felting produced quite a fine piece of felt for the washing line.

We then embarked on a very brightly coloured piece which included pieces of crumpled silk fabric, making yet more texture.  The day was fairly relaxed, even though we learnt a lot, and we had the opportunity to create quite a few pieces of work, including yet more texture beneath the surface silk chiffon on one piece.   Our tutor, Sheila, was ‘on the go’ all the time, giving us advice and suggestions, and was a delight.  Lovely food was interspersed with felting and total immersion in a favourite pastime, plus sunny breaks in the garden. 

Sunday morning continued in the same vein, but we exhibited our pieces in the classroom between 2 and 2.30pm and went to look at the work the other two classes had been pursuing.  There was a Stumpwork class and a class making ‘maps’ in machine sewing (featured in Stitch this month).   Both classes had produced beautiful work. 

I can recommend the Summer School to you.  The accommodation was good and clean, the food was brilliant (and no preparing or washing up!), our Tutor was kind to us, and the company was good.   Everything went smoothly, and it was a real break from the usual.  Not least, the chance to pursue an interest non-stop for two-and-a-bit days was excellent.   

Report by Pat

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Part three......... Pictures from an Exhibition...

The final instalment of pictures from our 10th Anniversary exhibition in Keswick. 

Machine Embroidery using dissolvable fabric.......(Stitch Magazine)

Small quilt with three-dimensional daisies

Clever knitted necklace/ scarf

Beaded canvaswork book

Silk box featuring crocheted flower

Lots of techniques here.......the gorgeous coloured backgrounds you can see on some of the pictures are dyed tea-bag paper.

Whitework cloth, and felt bowl

Sales table

More boxes....

Silk Purse


There was much more....... as always, click on the pictures for a better view.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Part two......Pictures from an Exhibition

More pictures of work displayed at the Moot Hall last week...... (click to enlarge)

Silk paper decorations

Drawn thread /Needleweaving

A miscellany of media!

Pictorial Quilt



Hand-made felt

Ruskin Lace

Wessex Stitchery in progress

Embellished box

Relaxing/Still working.........

Still more to come, and all of these will be added to the Gallery in due course.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pictures from an exhibition

And still, it rained! The weather was just getting into its stride when we arrived.   As we sheltered outside the Moot Hall on Friday, waiting with boxes and bags of work  to be let in to set up our exhibition, we couldn't help wondering if the rain would put people off..  Then came the frantic setting-up, ready just in time, as the first visitors came up the stairs!

We needn't have worried; we were visited all day by lots of  lovely and interested people, some local, many on holiday, and maybe even some potential new members. Most had made their way up the Moot Hall steps deliberately to see the embroidery exhibition; one couple were looking for a craft fair they'd seen advertised; they settled for tea and cake, and directions..........................

We are a small group, but everyone had worked really hard, and arrived with an impressive range of textile work.  

Our Rainbow squares

Crewel work

Fabric Collage


Hand-made felt and stitch


Character dolls, doll's house furniture, beading......

Click for a closer look!


Plenty to look at!

The all-important tea and cake!

It was a day............ admire each other's work, as we don't always get to see what others are doing outside the meetings. enjoy each others' company, as meetings are  so busy we don't always get time to chat. remind people we're here, and maybe recruit some new members.

                        What's next? Roll on September!

 There are lots more pictures to show. Watch this space.

Thank you if you came, sorry if you missed it  .....see you in 2014!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Keswick Embroiderers' Exhibition 2012

Our Exhibition of work is taking place on Friday, 6th July at The Moot Hall, in Keswick. It is ten years since the group started, and some of the original members are still keenly producing lively embroidery, along with others who have joined since.

Click on the pic for details!

We would love to see you there, between 10.30am and 4pm.