Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The corset unlaced!

The Corset Unlaced!.......
For our May meeting, Gill Roberts came to tell us about the history of the corset, and to show us the beautiful works of art that she makes , mostly for brides and for very special occasions. It was a fascinating talk, looking back at the origins of the corset many centuries ago, and its place in fashion through the years. The examples she brought along were lovely, and I don't feel that my photos do them justice. But here they are......

Those of us who'd watched the Great British Sewing Bee had been impressed by the corsets produced by the contestants. They had involved twelve pattern pieces. The fabric for this one of Gill's was constructed from many layers of fabrics , and so took several multiples of that!

A detail from the corset above.


The dress under this corset was an old wedding dress. The corset and the overskirt were stunning.
Pat , proving that Gill was right....the corset can be just as appropriate with jeans as a wedding dress or evening ensemble!