Sunday, 8 November 2015

Style is Eternal

Style is Eternal
I finally got to see the fabulous 'Style is Eternal' exhibition of the work of Yves St Laurent, at Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. The first time this has been shown outside France,
Sketches and design sheets

Beautiful, vibrant.............


Iconic clothes.........

Now classic, and timeless, the black trouser suit.....


Glorious colours and fabrics.......
 Remember paper dress-up dolls? YSL used them, too!
Sadly, we were just too late to see the Bowes swan automaton in action. It is magnificent, nonetheless. And we did see it move on video. (It is in action once a day, at 2pm!)
Bowes Museum is well worth a visit , for any of their permanent, and special exhibitions.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


September, October.........!
It doesn't seem possible that we're already most of the way through October!  It is a while since I posted anything on this blog, so this is a catching up exercise.
Our September meeting was the AGM, when we thanked Val for her term as Chairman, and welcomed Debbie to the role. Pat has planned a varied and interesting programme for the rest of the year, with lots of techniques to learn, and tutors to inspire.
The business part of the meeting was followed by member Gloria Walker's workshop, where we started to make a tote-bag using plastic canvas. 34 squares of large-count canvas are needed for the bag, so even the most dedicated of us were not destined to finish in the day, but we made a good start, and we all took away some of the squares embroidered,  with lots more to work on.

We also looked at the Guild's  pattern-darning folio, to inspire us for October's workshop.

The October meeting was led by Val, who led us through the making of a bookmark, employing this very precise technique. As we were working on a fine count fabric, with one strand of thread, conversation gave way to quiet concentration, ( and the occasional expression of frustration!) as we got to grips with pattern-darning.
Most of us had made good progress by the end of the workshop, and this is another  'work in progress' to be shown at a future date.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Woolfest 2015

This year's Woolfest was as good as ever. There seemed to be more stallholders than last year, and it certainly took several tours around the hall to see everything. More than just wool, of course!
The animals don't seem to mind having their photographs taken.....

The Wool Clip's Exhibition was particularly inspiring; artists using local wool in the most innovative ways......


And, of course, the shopping opportunities for materials and crafts we don't see too often up here in Cumbria......... including Jackie Cardy's lovely felt and silk embroideries.

I came home with plenty of goodies, and having met up with lots of friends.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The corset unlaced!

The Corset Unlaced!.......
For our May meeting, Gill Roberts came to tell us about the history of the corset, and to show us the beautiful works of art that she makes , mostly for brides and for very special occasions. It was a fascinating talk, looking back at the origins of the corset many centuries ago, and its place in fashion through the years. The examples she brought along were lovely, and I don't feel that my photos do them justice. But here they are......

Those of us who'd watched the Great British Sewing Bee had been impressed by the corsets produced by the contestants. They had involved twelve pattern pieces. The fabric for this one of Gill's was constructed from many layers of fabrics , and so took several multiples of that!

A detail from the corset above.


The dress under this corset was an old wedding dress. The corset and the overskirt were stunning.
Pat , proving that Gill was right....the corset can be just as appropriate with jeans as a wedding dress or evening ensemble!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Gracefield, Dumfries Exhibition 2015

Our Summer Day out
Once every three years, our KEG day out chooses itself. We really look forward to this exhibition, held at the Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries, which shows the work of the local Embroiderers Guild , the Quilters (Solway Quilters, I think?) and the Spinners, Weavers and dyers. It is always inspiring, and this year was no exception. Hence, a very picture -heavy post.......



Just my selection of images from the show. Lovely! We look forward to the next one!