Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sara Gadd Workshop October Meeting

Sinamay Flower Workshop
For our October meeting, Sara Gadd came along to teach us how to make flowers from Sinamay. Sinamay is a natural material now often used to make wedding hats and fascinators. Sara began by showing us of her lovely creations, and giving us a quick introduction in the art of shaping this fabric. It behaves in quite a different way to the fabrics we are used to! The iron, and a pair of curling tongs featured heavily in the process.

We were fascinated by the sculptural qualities of  Sinamay, and once we had chosen our colours, were soon at work experimenting.

With lots of supportive help from Sara, we were all pleased with the variety of results, and the possibilities for using Sinamay in all sorts if ways.

I'll add to these pictures shortly.
We had a lovely day. Thanks to Sara for introducing us to Sinamay......and helping us to master it!