Monday, 2 December 2013

Making Boxes Marilyn Hughes

November Meeting     Make a Box
November's meeting was Marilyn's much-anticipated box-making workshop. Those of us who weren't at the Knitting and Stitching show had an enjoyable and productive day, with expert instruction from Marilyn.

 Thanks to Lyn for the pictures!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sara Gadd Workshop October Meeting

Sinamay Flower Workshop
For our October meeting, Sara Gadd came along to teach us how to make flowers from Sinamay. Sinamay is a natural material now often used to make wedding hats and fascinators. Sara began by showing us of her lovely creations, and giving us a quick introduction in the art of shaping this fabric. It behaves in quite a different way to the fabrics we are used to! The iron, and a pair of curling tongs featured heavily in the process.

We were fascinated by the sculptural qualities of  Sinamay, and once we had chosen our colours, were soon at work experimenting.

With lots of supportive help from Sara, we were all pleased with the variety of results, and the possibilities for using Sinamay in all sorts if ways.

I'll add to these pictures shortly.
We had a lovely day. Thanks to Sara for introducing us to Sinamay......and helping us to master it!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

AGM and 'Show and Tell'

September Meeting

Our September Meeting was the AGM; we completed the business part in record time, and then spent an enjoyable time relaxing and looking at what some members had brought to show. Val's ongoing piece was not for photographing, as it is going to be on show at the Knitting and Stitching Shows later this year. (for a preview, look at this month's 'Stitch Magazine)

We were all delighted to see Marilyn Hughes' 'Medal for Excellence' presented for her outstanding work in her City and Guilds Feltmaking course. Hopefully, Marilyn will tell us soon, on the blog about the awards ceremony, in London, which sounds very glittering, and exciting.

This is a very prestigious award. Congratulations Marilyn!
 Janet introduced us to Ted, beautifully dressed up for Lake District walking. He always carries a Mars Bar in his rucksack. He is several years old, now, and can testify that the size of Mars Bars has shrunk considerably since he started out!

Debbie's doll, reminding us to get ours finished!

Debbie's seed-head, from Shirley McKeand's workshop

Debbie's felt applique, made into a file-cover.
Janet's patchwork bag.

Marilyn's beautiful, delicate felted shawl.
Lesley's painted, machine -embroidered and applique picture.
So, lots to look at, talk about and catch up on. A good start to our new year, with a programme we hope will appeal to everyone.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Festival of Quilts 2013 Pat's report

Festival of Quilts 2013

On Thursday, 8th August a car-full of us attended the NEC Quilt Show in Birmingham.  An early start ensured we were there by 10am to join the really long queue of women waiting to get in and investigate the show.  I had booked for a workshop with Pat Archibald at 10.30, and it was brilliant!  We had an hour to use Markal sticks, silhouettes and cut-outs to create a lovely pattern of leaves which could then be stitched and finished off.  Pat also demonstrated other ways to use Markal sticks, and demonstrated glue and transfer foil techniques which give lots of scope for a lovely background. 
 There were many beautiful quilts on display and we all had favourites.  Competition winners seemed a little hard to find at times, but overall the layout was good, and there seemed to be better provision of refreshments and rest places (seems to be essential for my advancing years).  The trade stands had their usual goodies to tempt and inspire us and we all appreciated the chance to add some essential items to the stash. 
 I particularly loved the ‘scenic’ wall hangings and the subtle shading and colouring of some of the more geometric patterns.  I’ve also resolved to have a go at more applique, and try to do something artistic.  Back in the real world, I can’t believe how quickly the day went;  we left the hall at about 4pm, and there was still a lot to savour.  Perhaps next time, a longer visit?



Friday, 23 August 2013

AGM and Programme

I know!  It hardly seems possible, but the nights are starting to draw in, and the Autumn will be upon us before we know it.
We will be holding our AGM on September 19th, when subscriptions for the new year will be collected. The meeting will be followed by a 'Show and tell' session; a chance to show off all the projects you've completed, or the new fabrics, threads or gizmos you've picked up over the summer. If you did get to a show this year, we'd love to have a report of it on the blog, along with pictures!
Details of our programme are on the right of the blog. There's plenty of variety, hopefully something for everyone. Our informal sessions will begin again on October 10th, probably in Threlkeld.
See you on the 19th!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lindisfarne Gospels

                                                     Durham 2013
We decided to visit the Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition in Durham as our summer 'Day Out'.
We'd chosen one of the hottest days of the year, and it was lovely on Palace Green. A select few, we lunched in the Cathedral, sought out the Cathedral's own  embroidery, basked in the sun on Palace Green, and when we had to queue, took advantage of the iced water( and umbrellas) kindly supplied!
A wonderful exhibition , not only of 'The book' itself, but telling the story of St Cuthbert, and the remarkable journey of the Gospel book.
One of the fascinating art installations alongside the exhibition brought a smile to the face of everyone who went into the schoolroom. Different shapes and sizes of copper vessels were suspended from beams in the roof, and controlled drips of water aimed into them. The random notes created varied during the day, as the level of water in the vessels changed. It made for a very peaceful experience, as you walked round the room.
Lyn's photographs........
Beautiful Durham Cathedral....

Palace Green, alongside  and the Library where the exhibition is held

The Cathedral again......

 Enjoying the sunshine, and coffee....
We hope our visit will inspire lots of embroidery, and as we are all interested in different aspects of stitching, who knows what we'll produce? In any case, we had a lovely day. Some of us will go again.
The Exhibition runs until the end of September, and is well worth a visit, if you can get there!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

June Meeting

Sit and Stitch
June is when we usually have our Summer Outing, but, as things are a bit different this year, a small group of us met to work on our own projects.

Janet's beadwork

Gloria's getting ahead with Christmas decorations!

Lyn's quilt.........

... with 'feathers!... ....

Pat's embroidery.....


Sally's very complex counted thread sampler....


Zena's quilting 
Lesley's quilt 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pat Archibald Textile artist

At the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show in March this year, I was thrilled to see work by Pat Archibald on display, and talk to the artist herself. 

I have wanted to post the pictures I took, and here  are two of them. (I did ask permission to take them)  They are haunting images of her journeys in India.

"Time to Think"
"This piece shows one of the desert men that I met in Rajasthan. He appears very content to just sit and contemplate".
"Tree of life and tears"
The tree of life appears in many guises in Indian art and textiles. Here I have used the paisley feather to form the tree and heavily embellished it with stitches and sequins. The feathers continue throughout the design, appearing to fall from the tree as tears."
They were among the most evocative images I have seen expressed as quilts.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Silk Ribbon Embroidery May Meeting

Silk Ribbon Embroidery
with Elizabeth Gill
Our May meeting was a workshop with Elizabeth Gill, who first showed us examples of her lovely work  using silk ribbon. These are small and delicate pieces, beautifully mounted and framed.


Elizabeth's examples
We were led through the steps of using the silk ribbon as thread, to make our pictures of snowdrops. Work in progress, below!

By the end of the session, most of us had a completed picture. (I had to leave early, so the pictures stop here!)
A lovely, relaxing workshop. Thank you , Elizabeth!