Saturday, 28 May 2011

Chelsea Flower Show

Excuse my self-indulgence........ This post has little to do with Keswick Embroiderers, and only the slightest hint of a link with stitching.............. I went to Chelsea this week, and thought I'd share a picture or two, taken whilst sheltering from torrential rain, thunder and lightning, and HAILSTONES! I thought these creations were very clever. Designers made jockey's 'silks' using flowers and plants. They could almost have been embroideries!

I was also pleased to see Alison Holt at her stand . She had some of her lovely machine embroidered landscapes for sale. (Out of my price-range, sadly!) But it was good to see the work I've admired in her books, and DVD.

Gardens that could become stitched pictures..........

And especially this one....................

and this...................

Watch this space!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

More Squares, and May meeting

May 19th   The stitch makes an image.........

This was the third of our 'Stitch' workshops, where we worked on developing a the idea of using  one particular stitch to make an image. Some of us carried on with the stitch from the previous sessions, while others changed completely. I don't think anyone finished their masterpiece, so maybe we will have pictures at a future date. 

The final sets of squares for the Meeting house display were ready today, and we were able to admire the whole set. They look very impressive, all shown together, and we were give an idea of how they may be arranged. This is not quite decided yet. These are the latest offerings.......

It will be interesting to see the final arrangement, and to have them on display in the room we use for our meetings.  Final arrangements are being made for the annual KEG day out, so contact Pat if you haven't already, and would like to join us to see the embroideries at Askham church in June.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

May Newsletter from Pat


 May 2011

The North West Regional meeting at Lytham St Annes was enjoyable – the talk was interesting, the facilities including lunch were very good, and there was ample opportunity for some retail therapy.  Five of us attended and met lots of people from other branches in the county.  In April, those of us who managed to attend enjoyed the talk given by Jackie Cardy, and had great fun playing with inks and dyes during the afternoon.  A good chance to see some lovely artistic items from  Jackie, and appreciate her journey to her very individual style.  A good day with an inspiring tutor. 


Our Next meeting - Thursday, 19th May at the Friends’ Meeting House, is The Stitch Makes an Image - an opportunity to further the theme of using just one stitch to create a piece of work, using different threads, colours, etc. 

This time we will take one stitch (either one you have been pursuing in the last two of the series, or another you would like to try) and create a simple landscape or image that is recognisable, using the one stitch in any size, any direction.  Bring a picture that would guide you, if it helps.  Bring your normal sewing equipment including fabric, and sewing threads of different thickness and of a colour palette you would like.  Bring along your own lunch (or Booths beckons over the road),  and be prepared for a pleasant time, sharing ideas and producing a masterpiece! 


This is your one chance to take part in the (cultural)version of the International Festival of sport taking place in London in 2012!   As you all know, our country is Lesotho and we would like to discuss any information that you have assembled about the country, with a view to taking a short break during the May meeting to discuss the way forward on this project. 



June 16th – we will be visiting Askham Church to view the four sets of church altar cloths and vestments created by Josephine Radcliffe, a professional embroiderer from Kendal.  We will share lifts, and arrange to meet in Askham for an 11am start in the Church, followed by lunch later, probably in Pooley Bridge.  (Perhaps even a boat ride to follow if weather permits?).  Please contact Pat during the May meeting to book your place for this opportunity to get a close-up look at some truly beautiful embroideries.  If you can’t make the May meeting and still want to come on 16th June, ‘phone Pat and we will try to arrange mutually conventient lifts.


Upcoming Exhibitions during the summer

Woolfest 2011 is taking place at Cockermouth on Friday and Saturday, 24th and 25th June.  You can also book onto workshops and lectures, which are listed in the WoolClip shop at Caldbeck, or can be seen on their website –

If you’re out and about in the North West:

Textile 21 present a Retrospective at Studio Art Gallery, Warrington, Friday 6 May till Saturday 4 June.

Threads Transformed – exhibition of textile work from Preston Threads at Rossendale Museum, 7 May till 31 July.

Anthology (Textile Art inspired by Poetry) – by Embroidery 2000 at The Fylde Art Gallery 9 May till 4 June.  (Includes work by Jackie Cardy, our recent tutor).

South Cheshire Embroiderers’ Guild 21st Anniversary Exhibition – Audlem, Cheshire from 22 till 25 September. 

I may have already flagged this up, but you will find some interesting stuff on , and they send you some lovely short videos on various techniques, once you’re on their mailing list.  Might just inspire you?

If you have any ideas for items for the Newsletter, or know of anything coming up which might interest our readers, please contact me.  In the meantime, I hope to see you on the 19th May.