Thursday, 17 March 2016

Was it really only March?

Something from 'Stitch'
We had always intended to have a session this year when we would  look to 'Stitch ' magazine for inspiration, and because  the December floods changed our plans, this was the day. In the event, five members prepared mini-workshops for us, one of which was Dorset buttons/flower brooches form Stitch, prepared and led by Gloria and Pat. Lyn taught her silk paper workshop, Debbie had brought her 'Twinchies', little books with machine-stitched canvas covers, and Sally showed a group how to do Tunisian crochet. So, something for everyone!

Silk paper

Demonstration Dorset buttons

Debbie's little book.............
One of the completed books.......

Pat's living room, transformed into workshop!

Getting to grips with the silk paper.....

Very delicate, nearly ready....................

March, in Cumbria, sitting outside for lunch, in glorious sunshine!

The view from Pat's house today! There was actually snow on the tops, but brilliant sunshine.
It was Pat's birthday, so we were even more grateful to her for her hospitality and all the work involved in reorganising her house for our workshop. We had a lovely day, trying out a variety of ideas. Thanks to Pat, and to everyone who shared their skills.